London Fashion Week – Highlights -Day 1- Autumn Winter 2014

Bora Aksu Autumn Winter 2014

Bora Aksu collaborated a good background career with international brands so it makes expect us to see a more rich seasonal in London fashion week …
The base theme is by some folk and traditional village pattern form which is mix up by modern feminine factors’ like some lines cut,leather as used as base fabric …

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London Fashion Week – Highlights -Day 1- Autumn Winter 2014

Jean-Pierre Braganza Autumn Winter 2014

In this collection the loyalty of modern forms  and follow the print is seemed . The use of modern structures and geometric configuration on the fabric texture patterns and color range in a variety of limited but often dark and black and grey tonality of attributes and special gay is certain of this collection to satisfy the expectations of viewers that will not English except in the case of a few handful model  …

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London Fashion Week – Highlights -Day 1- Autumn Winter 2014

FELDER FELDER Autumn Winter 2014

Annette and Daniela Felder have been tried to present the variation of fabrics and pallets of colors but it does not seems that some patterns for dresses are fitted on body , just like an unfit puzzle , but an attractive factor in this collection is the rhythm of colors which is used.

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