London Fashion Week – Highlights -Day 1- Autumn Winter 2014

Bora Aksu Autumn Winter 2014

Bora Aksu collaborated a good background career with international brands so it makes expect us to see a more rich seasonal in London fashion week …
The base theme is by some folk and traditional village pattern form which is mix up by modern feminine factors’ like some lines cut,leather as used as base fabric …

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London Fashion Week – Highlights -Day 1- Autumn Winter 2014

Jean-Pierre Braganza Autumn Winter 2014

In this collection the loyalty of modern forms  and follow the print is seemed . The use of modern structures and geometric configuration on the fabric texture patterns and color range in a variety of limited but often dark and black and grey tonality of attributes and special gay is certain of this collection to satisfy the expectations of viewers that will not English except in the case of a few handful model  …

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London Fashion Week – Highlights -Day 1- Autumn Winter 2014

FELDER FELDER Autumn Winter 2014

Annette and Daniela Felder have been tried to present the variation of fabrics and pallets of colors but it does not seems that some patterns for dresses are fitted on body , just like an unfit puzzle , but an attractive factor in this collection is the rhythm of colors which is used.

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London Fashion Week – Highlights -Day 1- Autumn Winter 2014

J. JS Lee Autumn Winter 2014

In this collection most of patterns have straight line and almost uncut and it seems that more fabrics are selected for British viewers’ .

a very limited variate colors is used in this catwalk also.


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J. Mendel Fall 2014-15 – Fashion Week New York

 J. Mendel Fall 2014-15 runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York








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Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2014-15 runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York

Bibhu Mohapatra is a New York based and Indian born luxury womenswear designer. Before launching his eponymous label at New York’s Fall 2009 fashion week, he was Design Director at J.Mendel for eight years.

  Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2014-15 runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York










View follow the old patterns of straight lines that serves as the logo of Chanel in some places pretend and use specific fabrics with texture and even indulge in it, use the combination of the side pockets and skirt the obvious attributes of this collection.


We expect that this great new collection presentation as an icon to contemplate anything more than a series of repetitive and boring process.

And at least The need for systematic patterns of creativity on Chanel is heavily seen.





















Andrew Gn Pre Fall 2014









Andrew Gn had the idea of a Seventies dandy when designing his collection. Indeed, it had an air of Carnaby Street-psychedelic-hippy with rich paisley brocade, Biba-style guipure and Chantilly lace. The paisley motifs were embroidered on the front pockets of flannel shorts, skirts and dresses, and also applied on knitwear tops. But it’s his more sporty workings that looked freshest, such as the shorts and bomber jackets in black-and-white lace. Article Credit: WWD FirstStreetFashion Runway Review: Andrew GN is known to shock the runways with intellect and the unexpected. His sense of style, desire for perfection, and abundance of European influences, has exceeded our expectations time and time again. As we move forward into Spring 2014 and start peeking into Pre Fall 2014, we note the extreme use of both material and colors. Designers and creative directors are becoming more daring in the use of mixtures.  Style Tips: When layering…

Roberto Cavalli look from the FW 2013 collection


Black and white animal prints and Reinassance patterns in pink shades for this  Roberto Cavalli look from the FW 2013 collection.